80 days from midterm elections, Vote.org is more prepared than ever to reach voters

Last updated on August 19, 2022

WASHINGTON –Today, Vote.org,the largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan voting registration and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) technology platform in America, marked the 80-day mark until Election Day by doubling down on its commitment to engage millions of voters ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Due to the organization’s exponential growth, Vote.org is prepared to reach more voters than ever before. For these midterm elections, Vote.org aims to primarily reach young Americans ages 18-30 through direct voter contacts, continued and new partnerships with nonprofits, businesses, influencers and voters, and best-in-class GOTV efforts. Over the past few years, Vote.org has reached more voters than ever before in its history, grown its talented team, cemented influential new partnerships, and raised more crucial funds than ever to engage in its vital work of securing and expanding our democracy.

“Our tremendous growth in the past few years has positioned Vote.org to lead the effort to work toward our goal of reaching more voters than ever and ensure that these midterm elections result in historic turnout,”said Andrea Hailey, CEO of Vote.org.

“Now, with the midterm elections only 80 days away, Vote.org is doing everything in our power to get every eligible voter in America registered, verified, and casting their vote on or before Election Day,”said Hailey.“The 2020 election was a record year for turnout and for Vote.org; It is critical we build on our successes and reach the voters this year who historically participate at lower levels in midterm elections. In 2020, Vote.org reached the highest percentage of first-time voters of any voting platform. Now, we are especially interested in continuing to reach and turn out young voters and voters of color, who have faced higher barriers to entry in our democratic process.”

Tens of millions of voters come to Vote.org to register to vote, verify their registration, request absentee ballots, find their polling location, to receive trusted, accessible information about voting and the laws that affect voting in states around the country and more. From January to December of 2016, Vote.org’s first year, 2.8 million voters used Vote.org’s register, verify, and absentee ballot tools and 4.9 million people visited the Vote.org website. Over that same timeframe in 2020, the next comparable presidential election year, 16.6 million voters used those tools and more than 34 million people visited the site. So far this year, 3 million people have visited the site. By today’s date in 2018, the last comparable midterm election year, 1.9 million had visited the site, a more than 50 percent increase in site traffic.

In 2016, Vote.org only had 3 staff full time. In 2020, it had 12. Now, Vote.org has 22 full-time team members on staff, and the organization is using its best-in-class team to reach more voters and serve underrepresented communities more effectively.

In 2020, the last national election year, Vote.org raised more money to support this crucial work than all its prior years (2016-2019) combined. This includes a ninefold increase in fundraising – around $2 million in 2016 to more than $18 million in 2020 – from the last presidential election year.

In 2020, one out of every five voters either interacted with Vote.org’s platform or was touched by the organization’s GOTV efforts. Gains made since then have positioned the organization to build and implement a tailored GOTV program to reach students at universities, community colleges and trade schools, and HBCUs and MSIs; expand its innovative streaming radio program, now engaging voters – in Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin – and push traditional and innovative GOTV advocacy efforts through digital media and in-person events.

Vote.org provides the technology that underlies hundreds of GOTV and voter registration efforts employed by organizations around the country. With a renewed focus toward reaching young voters in 2022, the organization has announced new, strategic partnerships with organizations such as the NAACP, aimed at mobilizing, registering and turning out Black voters ahead of the 2022 midterm elections; working alongside Athletes Unlimited as the principal voting partner for their Power in my Voice Initiative, for which Vote.org has provided unique registration links to over 250 female professional athletes; and utilizing Vote.org's WhatsApp chat bot to reach the 49 percent of the U.S. Latino population that utilizes WhatsApp.

Additionally, the organization is ramping up its efforts encouraging schools and businesses to give students and employees the time they need to vote. Through its Election Day Off program in 2020, Vote.org had more than 1,000 companies commit to providing paid time off to vote, including Twitter, T-Mobile, Shake Shack, Sweetgreen, Lyft, and Airbnb. Up to 1.8 million voters were able to get time off from work to vote in the last election, due in large part to this program.

“We’ve built meaningful and tailored partnerships with diverse organizations from Voto Latino and Black Voters Matter, from USA Today, to UFCW and the NBA,” Hailey added.

“In addition to our strong partnerships and the thousands of Americans who visit Vote.org daily to plan how they’ll vote, we now regularly engage with millions of Vote.org supporters through our data-driven, laser-focused digital program,”Hailey said.“Our transformative technology allows us to respond dynamically to changes, disinformation campaigns or state laws that make it more difficult or confusing to vote.”

Vote.org is more prepared than ever to reach new voters and increase voter participation as the midterm election quickly approaches,”said Hailey.“There is no greater mission than preparing the next generation to participate in our democracy, and Vote.org is in an excellent position to lead that ongoing mission into the midterms, the 2024 presidential election, and beyond.”