Thank You from’s Board of Directors

Last updated on April 5, 2024

Dear Community,

Thank you for your continued support of’s critical mission of ensuring that every American has everything they need to register and to vote. In this all-important election – when so many young people and communities of color are facing rising voter suppression efforts – your commitment to’s work is essential to protecting access to the ballot box.

As’s Board of Directors, we are writing to share our confidence and excitement in the path forward for under the leadership of our CEO Andrea Hailey. We believe that is in the right hands and is strongly positioned to continue to set the gold standard in innovative, cost-effective and impactful programs and partnerships that reach and turn out communities that have all too often been pushed out of our democratic process.

We see this in the results that has and will continue to deliver, such as:

  • Registering more 18 year olds this presidential election cycle than we have by this point in any previous election.
  • Registering more voters in the 2022 midterm than any other independent organization in the entire country, and leading all organizations in 34 states, according to an analysis by an independent voter registration survey.
  • Creating a groundbreaking, culturally-competent voter turnout radio program that the Analyst Institute called “one of the most cost-efficient mobilization programs” that they had ever tested.

We believe that is positioned to advocate for American voters with the vigor this moment in history demands, supported by partners that are ready to meet the moment. Between now and election day,’s team, partners and community are working tirelessly to ensure that our democracy works for everyone. We are so grateful to have you in this fight with us.

Kimberly Myers Hewlett
Maisha C. Leek
Rupa Balasubramanian

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While reaches voters directly through a multi-tiered approach, we also partner with key organizations, businesses, public figures and influencers to ensure that voters are receiving timely, accurate election information from the sources they already trust.

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