Key Voter Registration Deadlines Coming Up Across the Country

Last updated on October 11, 2022

WASHINGTON –Today,, the leading nonpartisan online voter registration and engagement organization, released the following statement to mark the beginning of states’ voter registration deadlines across the country. Over the next few weeks, key deadlines will come up in states from coast to coast, including in some of the states with the smallest margins of victory in the 2020 election. Those dates are listed below in a graphic and as a list.

“This week, states across the country have key voter registration deadlines – including in states that had some of the slimmest margins of victory in 2020,”said Andrea Hailey, CEO of“Voting laws, rules and regulations vary state to state, and it’s vital that voters are armed with all the information they need to exercise their right to vote. is proud to serve as a key, trusted resource in providing information about the voting process. We’ve identified and collected all the deadlines and laws that voters need to understand so they may register, make a plan to vote and participate in our democracy to the fullest extent.”

The following are the key deadlines for voter registration in all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. These deadlines are the earliest possible deadlines, meaning some states will have additional options for late registrations or provisional ballots. For further information, visit or inquire about your voter registration with your state, city or county elections officials.

Voter Registration Deadlines, 2022

Alabama: October 24

Alaska: October 9

Arizona: October 11

Arkansas: October 11

California: October 24

Colorado: October 31

Connecticut: November 1

Delaware: October 15

Florida: October 11

Georgia: October 11

Hawaii: October 31

Idaho: October 14

Illinois: October 11

Indiana: October 11

Iowa: October 24

Kansas: October 18

Kentucky: October 11

Louisiana: October 11

Maine: October 18

Maryland: October 18

Massachusetts: October 29

Michigan: October 24

Minnesota: October 18

Mississippi: October 10

Missouri: October 12

Montana: October 11

Nebraska: October 21

Nevada: October 11

New Hampshire: October 26

New Jersey: October 18

New Mexico: October 11

New York: October 14

North Carolina: October 14

North Dakota: N/A

Ohio: October 11

Oklahoma: October 14

Oregon: October 18

Pennsylvania: October 24

Rhode Island: October 9

South Carolina: October 7

South Dakota: October 24

Tennessee: October 11

Texas: October 11

Utah: October 28

Vermont: November 4

Virginia: October 17

Washington: October 31

Washington, D.C.: October 18

West Virginia: October 18

Wisconsin:October 19

Wyoming: October 24