Last updated on January 11, 2020

We have spent a lot of time thinking about what we value and what things to take on and how we get them done – aka The Way. While we may look at being more succinct in the future, these are the things we keep repeating internally and the things we use to drive things forward.

These values are based on almost three years of working together as a team. We’ve learned some hard lessons along the way — and some great ones as well.

These values capture our approach to teamwork, to problem solving, to decision making, and to goal setting.  We are at our absolute best as a team when we adhere to our values.  So when we wrote them down, we literally asked ourselves, “what were we doing when we were at our best?”

Performance reviews at include rating each other on how well we exemplify our values. Relatedly, we use these values to screen applicants. If these values resonate strongly with you, you’ll love working at If not, working here will be a total drag.

Focus on increasing voter turnout.

Get 1% better every day.

Try the simplest solution first.

Be goal oriented, tactic agnostic.

Be wildly ambitious and relentlessly pragmatic.

Challenge conventional wisdom

Execute with a sense of urgency.

Be explicit, always.

Assume the best.

Ask for help and trust other people.

Be flexible and adaptable.

Buy, don’t build.