COVID-19 info

  • Due to COVID19, there is no witness requirement for registered voters for the November 3, 2020 State General Election. Non-registered voters will still need a witness, to indicate their proof of residence. 
  • Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Minnesota Department of Health

Minnesota absentee ballot deadlines

Request deadlines

  • In Person: Received 1 day before Election Day.
  • By Mail: Received 1 day before Election Day, but we recommend applying at least 7 days before Election Day.
  • Online: Received 1 day before Election Day.

Ballot deadlines

  • Voted ballots are due: Received by 8pm on Election Day if by mail or received by 3pm on Election Day if they are hand-delivered to a drop box or elections office.

Minnesota absentee ballot rules

Any registered Minnesota voter may apply for an absentee ballot and vote by absentee ballot.

Minnesota absentee ballot directions

  1. Use our Absentee Ballot Tool to prepare your application.
  2. Sign and date the form. This is very important!
  3. Return your completed application to your Local Election Office as soon as possible. We'll provide the mailing address for you.
  4. All Local Election Offices will accept mailed or hand-delivered forms. Your Local Election Official will also let you fax or email the application.
  5. Double-check the deadlines and be sure to cast your voted ballot on time to be sure it is counted.
  6. Please contact your Local Election Office if you have any further questions about the exact process.

Tracking your ballot

You can track your ballot directly with your state.

Once you receive your ballot...

  • Once you receive the ballot, carefully read and follow the instructions.
  • A witness must sign your absentee ballot envelope to verify that your ballot was delivered blank and that you marked the ballot in private. The witness can be a notary from any state or a registered Minnesota voter. 
  • Sign and date where indicated.
  • Double-check the deadlines and be sure to cast your voted ballot on time to be sure it is counted.